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Brooks Atkinson

Sunday, May 29, 2011

High School Sweethearts - Wedding Sneak Peek

Once again, I was worried about the weather for this wedding, but aside from being a bit humid, we had a great day! I just loved the combination of the bridesmaids' aqua dresses with the mix of white and soft pink roses, it was so springy and refreshing! The bride and groom have been together for 6 years, and are high school sweethearts, too! Their day was filled with joy right down to the details... the bride cut a piece of tulle from her mom's wedding veil from 30 years ago and hand beaded the trim to make her own veil, the ring bearer carried in the bride's grandmother's Bible with the rings tied on in coordinating aqua ribbon, and she also added the coordinating ribbon to her adorable shoes. The couple chose to see each other before the ceremony, so my co-photographer, Nathan Payne, and I set up the couple for an intimate meeting... the groom stood outside the church and the bride approached him from behind and placed her hand on his shoulder to cue him to turn around - it was the sweetest moment! After the ceremony, the couple exited the church to a crowd of guests blowing bubbles, and the cloud of bubbles was HUGE! The reception was great... an awesome best man's speech, a tender father-daughter dance, and lots of laughter. Thanks for asking us to capture the memories of your special day!


Krystal said...

Thanks for everything, Sheena (and Nathan of course)!! The pictures look AMAZING and I cannot wait to start ordering and putting them up! I love them!

Sheena said...

Thanks, Krystal!

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