"The virtue of a camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking."
Brooks Atkinson

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


One of my favorite photography websites, I Heart Faces, has a weekly photo challenge that I enter from time to time. This week's theme is "yellow", and the only requirements are that the photo features the color yellow, and that at least one human face is showing in the image. I got this shot in a local historic downtown area with the vintage brick behind them. I chose to warm up the image and it really brought out the golden tones in the bricks, which stood out in my mind as soon as I read about this week's theme.

I forgot to make the edges transparent! ahh! click on the image to see it by itself without the blog background, it looks much nicer on white only! Sorry!


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