"The virtue of a camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking."
Brooks Atkinson

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A "Slice of Life"

As usual for springtime, we've had some seriously rainy days around here. The day that we had scheduled this little guy's sessions was no exception, so we were stuck indoors. But it turned out to be just fine! His Mom and I had some fun ideas, and we decided to capture a "slice of life" in their home, with him playing with some of his favorite toys and eating his favorite snacks. I don't get to do this kind of session often, but they're so fun! It feels like a documentary of a regular day of life... things that might seem trivial now but will be fun to look back on later... Here's some of my favorites from his at-home session:

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